Equipment Requirements

The key equipment requirements for printing COR include:

  • A well-ventilated DLP or LCD 3D printer (see below for validated list)
  • A refrigerator or freezer to store resin below 5 °C
  • An oven or warm water bath to warm the resin to 35 °C
  • A well-ventilated area to clean parts
  • A vacuum oven (see below for validated list), or exploratory post-cure unit (see below for exploratory list)

polySpectra fully supports and guarantees the printability and material performance of our validated workflows.

Validated 385nm Printers:

Validated 405nm Printers:

To encourage our customers and partners to innovate, we have included an array of exploratory resin 3D printers. Prior experience in resin 3D printing is highly recommended for these exploratory hardware options. Unfortunately, we cannot offer in-depth troubleshooting or customer support for these exploratory options. See the FAQ for more information. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or requests for new validated build profiles for your specific hardware.

Exploratory 385nm Printers:

Exploratory 405nm Printers:

Do you manufacture printers? Get added to the list by reaching out to our head of partnerships: partners [at] polyspectra [dot] com

Validated Post-Cure Units:

Exploratory Post-Cure Units:

If you do not have access to this equipment, we would be happy to print COR parts for you.

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