waveCure is polySpectra’s patent-pending heat transfer solution, specifically designed to safely and efficiently cure high temperature resins — in any consumer microwave.

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waveCure Post-Curing Protocol

How to use waveCure as a microwave curing solution for COR Resins.


3D printed parts with COR resins typically require an inert thermal post-bake to unlock final material properties. Utilizing waveCure is an alternative way to cure parts without the need for a vacuum oven or inert gas. When used in a microwave, the cure time is reduced from hours to minutes.

Materials Required:

  1. Glass container and lid/cover
    • Big enough to fully submerge printed part in waveCure .
  2. Heat-resistant gloves
    • For handling hot surfaces upon completion.
  3. Tongs
    • For removing printed part from solution.
  4. Microwave-safe substrate
    • Recommended borosilicate glass. Used as a base to adhere printed parts.
  5. Double-sided Kapton tape
    • Used with substrate to firmly adhered printed parts.
  6. Microwave, Oven, or Infrared Toaster Oven
  7. IR Thermometer
    • Used for confirming temperature of waveCure after bake cycle is completed.


  1. Firmly adhere the 3D print to a substrate with double-sided Kapton tape.
  2. Place the 3D print adhered to a substrate inside the glass container.
  3. Pour enough waveCure into the glass container to fully submerge the printed part.
  4. Place the lid/cover on the container.
  5. Place the covered container with the submerged part in waveCure inside the microwave/oven/toaster IR.
  6. Bake the parts according to the method used below.
  7. Upon bake cycle completion, remove the container and allow to cool before removing parts. Caution! Parts and container will be hot. Use heat-resistant gloves
  8. Rinse parts with water to remove residual waveCure .

Baking Parameters:


  • With power set to High, bake for ~6mins or until waveCure temperature reaches 190-200C.
  • Time may be dependent of volume of waveCure used. If waveCure has not reached 190-200C, add an additional 1-2mins

Infrared Toaster Oven:

  • Bake for 30mins at 180C.


  • Bake for 1hr 15mins at 185C.
  • Time may be dependent on volume of waveCure used.
  • Be advised some smoking may occur.


Dispose waveCure according to your local state and county guidelines.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.