Pre-Print Prep

The most important pre-print step is to warm the resin to ensure that is is a homogeneous solution before printing.

Validated COR Thawing Protocol: Water Bath

  • Place fully-sealed aluminum bottle in a 35 °C water bath, with enough water to cover the bottle above the label, up to the taper. Do not exceed 40 °C.
  • (Optional) it can be convenient and quick to use a sonicating bath for this purpose.
  • Every 20 minutes, shake the sealed bottle vigorously.
  • At 60 minutes, remove the bottle from the water bath and shake vigorously.
  • To ensure that the resin is completely thawed to a homogeneous solution, pour a small amount of COR into a clear secondary container, such as a clean glass vial.
  • If any solid specks or chunks are observed, place back in the warm water bath. Shake and re-test at 20 minute intervals until completely thawed.

Exploratory COR Thawing Protocol: Oven

  • Set oven to 40 °C.
  • Place bottle inside oven for 1 hour, periodically give the bottle a vigorous shake every ~20 mins