Part Cleaning

Cyclic Olefin Resins are incredibly easy to clean, compared to most photopolymer resins.

Validated Cleaning Solvents:

  • polySpectra supaRinse is an advanced cleaning solution that guarantees the best thermomechanical performance of COR parts. supaRinse can be purchased here . supaRinse is currently only available directly from polySpectra.

polySpectra fully supports and guarantees the printability and material performance of our validated workflows.

Exploratory Cleaning Solvents:

  • Mineral spirits (for example Gamblin Gamsol or Klean Strip)
  • Weber Odorless Terpenoid
  • Hexanes
  • Isopropanol

These cleaning solvents will work to clean COR parts. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or thermomechanical performance of the resulting parts.

Cleaning Instructions: Upon print completion, a majority of the resin will drip off the parts.

It is recommended to keep parts on the buildhead throughout the entire cleaning process if possible.

Simply rinse the parts with a squirt bottle filled with supaRinse, or if needed – submerge the parts in a bath of supaRinse.

Follow-up with compressed air or a wipe as needed, to fully dry the parts and remove any residual resin and solvent.